Surf Adventures


Our Surfing Adventures course is a program aimed for the advanced begginer surfer.  To us, advanced begginer means that you are able to surf unbroken waves, what we call green waves.  This means a surfer that already has relatively strong paddling skills and wants to work important aspects that will make you feel more confident in your surf ability. 

Dedicated, one-on-one instruction with a maximum student to instructor ratio of 5:1, mean you will have plenty of private coaching, you will leave this course with a solid understanding of your equipment, awerness of body position, enough wave and ocean knowledge to put yourself in position to and actually catch an open faced wave in most of the surf spots.


What can I expect?

This 5 day course is a pure surf adventure. Surfing everyday for about 4/5 hours (with a break in between of course), eating delicious local food, enjoying the nature and sorroundings and making surf buddies that will last a life time.

Our focus during the course is to arm you with the solid knowledge of surfing and experience to do it safely and with a lot of fun in your future solo trips, but as well give you the experience of a Portuguese holiday and living the Algarve like the locals do. 

The beggining of the day will always start with the evaluation of the swell size, and wind direction, and make a decision all together as a team on where to go on that specific day. One of the great advantages of surfing in the Algarve is the amazing variety & consistency available within a short distance, all year around and all levels.

Topics include:
​-  Evaluation of the Conditions
-  Positioning yourself in the surf and with the crowd  
-  Hazards and how to deal with them
-  Understanding weather and forecast
-  Safety and ethic rules of surfing
​-  Generating speed and body awarness
-  Improving your paddling, sitting, and wave-catching techniques
-  Timing, reading the waves, and priority rules
-  How to surf various types of waves
-  Depending on your level, performance of manoeuvres: Bottom Turn, Off-the-lip, cutback, and floater
-  How to select surf gear that is adequate for your level

If you have any questions, then please don't hesitate to contact us!

What else?

Each retreat will be unique and unforgettable. We will be experiencing Portugal south coast in the most authentic way, exactly like how it was for me growing up here.

Everyday after surfing I'll take you on little tours around the region, to explore the traditional villages, swim and relax in secret hidden beaches, watch the sun set in espectacular locatios, or the moon rise, and to finish the day nourishing ourselfs with delicious food in a local restaurant.

Includes also a visit to the renowned local surfboard factory Ferox Surfboards, where you can order yourself a customised board.

Course details


We will be staying in Lagos, Portugal. Everyday we will drive to different locations around the south west coast of the Algarve, depending of the surf conditions. 

When?                       28.04.2024 – 04.05.2024
                                   19.05.2024 – 25.05.2024      

Here you will find the dates for your course. 
​We do our best to accommodate everyone's wishes but spaces are limited and you may not be able to attend your first choice of date.

If you are a group of friends/family that would like to enroll in one of our courses in a specific time of the year, different than the dates above, then please don't hesitate to contact us and let's make it happen!


  • Travel Insurance.
  • Have your own surf equipment is a must, specially the wetsuit.
    If you're not able to bring your surfboard for any reason, there will be the possibility to try boards from the renowned local factory Ferox surfboards, where you'll eventually be able to also order yourself a customised board. Send us a message and let's talk about the possibilities. 
  • Besides that, ready to learn, have fun, and stocked to be here. 

6 nights of accommodation, 5 days of activities

Shared dorm - 1'050 Euros per person

(400 Euros non refundable deposit) However, if for any reason you won't be able to come and need to cancel,  we will issue a voucher with the deposit amount. The voucher has a duration of 1 year.

In the cost is included 5 days of coaching and guiding, 6 nights of accommodation, and food (breakfast, packed lunch and dinner). 
So, you don't need to spend a dime when you're here.

Alcoholic drinks not included.



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...not a problem, that's why we're here - whether you are thinking of going on a epic adventure in the future, drop us a line - we're here to help!

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