Hi friend.
My name is André.
I created «Between the Surf»
to share my passion for adventure,
nature and my love for Portugal,
especially the Algarve.

I wanna give you the experience of a lifetime, show you how locals live, a simple beautiful life, an unequaled feeling of freedom and on the process trying to inspire you to overcome your fears and achieve your most distant dreams.


I grew up in the southwest of Portugal, where from an early age developed a passion and close relationship with the ocean and nature. When I was around 13 years old I found surfing.

My path as a surfer was influenced by very inspirational people starting with my mentores that teached me and crafted me from the beggining, and all my friends along the way of thousands of surf sessions. By watching these very talented surfers I was able to mold myself into a surfer with a relaxed, effortless style where I try to expresse a mix of old school with modern and dynamic surf aesthetic. With a diverse mix of fluidity and originality complimenting the long running point breaks and beach breaks that light up these region. 



It's the search for adventure and new experiences that seduced me to explore the coast of the Algarve, when the waves were not so great or flat, for cliffs to jump and caves to dive, finding a completly different world full of exciting little corners. And maybe if lucky catch something for dinner.



Skydiving appeared in my life after watching the iconic movie Point Break. What’s better than this, surfers being surfers, who rob banks to fund their adventures? Nothing really, that's probably one of my wildest dreams.
The skydiving scene in this movie is mesmerizing and made me dream and wonder about human flight, I think it could make anyone dream about it.

A special appetite for extreme sports is developed throught my adventures. The passion for skydiving led me to ever more spectacular feats of foot-launched human flight, BASE jumping. Which is the recreational sport of jumping, using a parachute, from fixed objects such as buildings, antennas, bridges, cliffs, etc.

I fell in love with the feeling of freedom, pioneering and uniqueness which I believe we can compare to what surfing must have felt like during early years.


When you’re in the edge it can be a very scary experience but as soon as you step of it’s a wonderful sensation, just like that dream you had as a child, that feels like you can fly. And to be honest, we can embrace this feeling to almost anything in life, not just in the extreme sports world, in my point of view.

First Surfing Course

Our first surfing course is a stepping stone into the surf world. You'll leave this course with solid knowledge and hooked on a beautiful life style.


A program aimed for the advanced beginner surfer.
To work on important aspects that will make you feel more confident in your surfing skills. 

Life by
the Sea

The ultimate adventure around the Algarve. Surfing, climbing, swimming, cliffjumping and skydiving around the beautiful south coast of Portugal.

Between the Surf.

Open all year.

Rua da Marreira 
8650-323  Sagres, Portugal


André Lang
+351 917 488 199