Between The Surf

Let yourself be carried away by the passion for surfing, adventure and nature.

First Surfing Course

Our first surfing course is a stepping stone into the surf world. You'll leave this course with solid knowledge and hooked on a beautiful life style.


A program aimed for the advanced beginner surfer.
To work on important aspects that will make you feel more confident in your surfing skills. 

Life by
the Sea

The ultimate adventure around the Algarve. Surfing, climbing, swimming, cliffjumping and skydiving around the beautiful south coast of Portugal.

"Between the Surf" offers a variety of comprehensive and exclusive courses. Based on experience and knowledge gained over many years in the sport, every course has been designed and developed from scratch.

Led by André Lang as head instructor, who not only has experience in the sport and an impressive skill set, but he aslo possess an invaluable background in teaching, coaching and mentoring.

Whatever your goal is - surfing, climbing or just enjoying a vacation of a life time, "Between the Surf" will guide you through a safe and solid progression plan, tailored for you and designed to support a safe journey in the sport.

Between the Surf.

Open all year.

Rua da Marreira 
8650-323  Sagres, Portugal


André Lang
+351 917 488 199